A/C Installation From The Mack Services Group

Has it become virtually impossible to cool your home in the summer? You close the shades, run a fan in every room, turn out the lights, but can’t seem to escape the heat. Window-unit air conditioners cool down only one room, and wreak havoc on your electric bills. Mack Services sells and installs central air conditioners, the more efficient solution to cool down your entire home while using less electricity.

Installing a new central air conditioner with a higher SEER rating can save you up to 44 percent on your annual energy bills. Modern American Standard air conditioners offer exceptional energy efficiency, with SEER ratings ranging from 11 to 20. With a new central A/C, your home will be cooled evenly including areas missed by window units such as bathrooms and hallways, so you’ll find relief in every room.

Help your family escape the heat with a new American Standard central air conditioning system. As an American Standard Customer Care Dealer, Mack Services installs your new air conditioning system and offers service agreements to keep it running at peak performance. Contact Mack Services Group today and find the right A/C for you.