Mack Services Can Help Keep Your Cool

Homeowners know the financial strain that can come with keeping their homes comfortable during the summer. Running the air conditioner all day and night becomes costly, especially when a lot of that cool air is escaping through nooks and crannies around your perimeter. There are steps that you can take to increase the amount of usable cool air, reducing the amount of money spent on running your air conditioner.

  • In homes with recessed lighting cool air can escape around the fixtures into the attic. Covers are available for fixtures that can’t come in contact with insulation to keep air inside the home.
  • Check to see if fixtures that can come in contact with insulation need to be re-insulated.
  • Gaps between windows and doors are common. There are numerous products available to seal these gaps without compromising functionality.
  • Caulking around areas where plumbing, ducting or wiring comes through walls, floors and ceilings can cover up those tiny leaks that add up to significant air loss.

The Mack Services Group has the know-how your home cooling system needs. Contact us today and learn about the many ways you can reduce your air conditioning costs, and ask about our A/C service plans that can help you save big on repairs and maintenance.