Preventive Maintenance With A Mack Service Agreement

Sometimes it may seem easier to ignore the sounds and smells your old AC system is making, but signing up for a service agreement with The Mack Services Group to keep untimely breakdowns from happening is even easier – and more sensible! Below are four problems that a service agreement can help prevent.

  • Warm Air: Your AC system’s efficiency can drop through normal wear and tear. If the air in your home isn’t nearly as cool as it once was, it can be due to the age of your system, or the need for regular maintenance performed by a Mack Services Group technician.
  • Weak Air Flow: If you notice a drop in airflow through your AC system’s vents, it’s possible that your ducts have accumulated enough dust over time to inhibit airflow or have developed leaks. Regular inspections and cleanings by The Mack Services Group can keep the air in your system flowing properly.
  • Loud Noises: If you hear your AC system running more than usual, it’s likely that dirt or debris has gotten into your condenser or has caused damage. It’s important to keep the area around your condenser clear, to help avoid expensive repairs. This issue could have been monitored during your annual tune-up.
  • Odors: If the air being pumped into your home smells musty, it’s a good indication that there’s mold inside your ductwork or the walls where the vent is located. If it’s overheating, your system can cause the air to smell like burnt rubber.

It’s important to have your system checked regularly, whether or not you’re experiencing one or more of the instances above. With a service agreement offered by The Mack Services Group, we’ll make sure everything in your system is working properly and help prevent any minor issues from becoming major hassles. Contact us today and enjoy the protection of a Mack service agreement.